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Frequently asked questions

Design Services and How we can Help!

The Marvel Factory is first and foremost a full-service design company. Our team of diverse designers will work with you to create ANYTHING you can possibly imagine; from business design to personal branding, from large scale to small. We can provide design for all the physical items we offer: any print, any apparel, any promotional products. In short, we are a true One Stop Shop for your marketing and branding needs. We can create logos, business cards, banners, flyers & brochures, car wraps, apparel & merch design, custom characters, stream design, website design, social media banners and other custom art for any project you wish to see come to life! “Our Creativity is Fueled by your Imagination” Click here to Get started now!

Web Development Services From Business to Content Creators

From mom & pop sites to large corporation e-commerce, we can create your HTML based web design. As a design company, our front-end development is top-notch and when paired with our team of coders we can create anything you or your business might need! Need media-rich content? We have you covered. Need a custom store with hundreds of products? Our team can create and input all your items. Our easy access back-end portal allows us to provide training to help you manage your own site upon completion, or we have a team available to update and maintain your website to keep it running smooth and implement fresh content! We build starting level SEO into your pages and, upon completion, we can continue to provide search engine optimization and increase your ability to be found. Click Here to get started now!

Need Help with Social Media or Setting up your Branding in a Social Format! We offer these services

Need help with establishing, refreshing, or boosting your social media pages? The Marvel Factory works with Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snap-chat, YouTube, Tumblr, Mixer, Twitch, Google +, Bing and other platforms to bring your page front of mind when customers log on! We design banners & profile images, create content for your social media postings, and provide help with boosting and promoting your content across all your social media platforms. We create advertisements for paid marketing pushes and digital coupons, we even design custom Snap-chat filters. Now that's going to get customers talking! Check out our packages below, if you cant't find something that fits your needs perfectly, don't worry! Our established team of social media gurus can customize a digital marketing plan for you. Schedule a meeting now in our easy to use calendar.

Custom Promotional Item Printing

The opportunity to have custom promotional items is almost endless. We carry traditional promo items such as pens, koozies, lanyards and buttons, to fresh new items such as shakers, fidget spinners, pop sockets and mousepads. Retro items are also back! We have slap bracelets, fanny packs and visors too! If you need bulk giveaway items, look no further, as we have thousands of different promotional items you can customize with your business or personal branding For inquiries on custom printed Promotional Items in bulk or individual please email

SEO, Online Marketing Packages and Services

SEO Having an amazing website is step one in getting found on the internet. SEO, or search engine optimization, is a key in allowing your companies presence to be found in a standard web search. This helps your online visibility, increasing traffic to your site and promoting brand recognition and awareness. Whether your goal is personal branding or driving clientele to your storefront with lead generation, The Marvel Factory specializes in making you NO. 1 on google. As you know each SEO or Marketing Plan is specific to the company, brand or business and cant be as simple as a form or one call but the best way to start this process and inquire about information is to email or specalist in all things SEO, Marketing and Web Development and he will get you on the right track, give details and pricing! Thnak you and hope to work with you soon!

Streamer Design and Artist Requests

As a friendly member of the stream community and ownership filled with avid gamers; The Marvel Factory and The Marvel Coalition knows streaming whether you're just starting and pushing for partnership, or breaking records and killing the game. Marketing your personal branding, creating your graphics and videos, handling and distributing your merch and helping your channel grow are just some of the services we provide. Sit back, relax, and start your stream! Keep making the content you love, knowing we have the rest covered. Whether you need Chibi Art, that new emote, overlay, transition screen or opening video we do it all! Our CEO is a Partnered Content creator and is always trying to revolutionize streaminga nd making it easier for content creators in anyway he can! With over 40 plus artists to choose from, we will be able to get your branding handled whether its from the very beginning or your advanced and need that extra push to stay on top or rebrand! Click Here to Book one of our amazing designers today!

Custom Merch and Custom Streamwear and Content Creator Apparel

With all of the great products we have, we decided to start offering merchandise to personal brands like artists, streamers and other content creators! Forging relationships with some of the worlds largest shipment and distribution companies, we have created a fine tuned system of distribution worldwide. What's that mean for you? Amazing deals like free WORLDWIDE drop shipping for your clients, communities and families to support you: no matter what your vision. Our creativity is fueled by your imagination, and with this new option, creativity is endless. Click "Get Started" to learn more! With our designers we also offer a unique experience as well! We design custom streetwear apparel for streamers and add your personal custom touch to it! CLICK HERE TO GET STARTED